Monday, August 8, 2011


So I told you I got me some pretty drawlings at Comic Con over HERE.
And while I didn't get as many sketches as I usually do...
I did get some pretty darn good stuff.

Like what you ask?

Oh nothin'.

Just this:

Go ahead...
Say it.

OMG Mr. Warburton!
Is that by legendary Mad Magazine artist

And I'm all like...


He's the sooper mostest nice guy in the world and it was an honor to meet him.

Later, on Saturday night me and my cronies parked our butts at the Westin Hotel for a coupla root beers. One of those cronies was soopuhstar Universal Studios Florida caricature artist Casey Bug, who made sure to chronicle all our doings over the weekend.

Like sitting at a table:

Or eating nachos.

Just so you know... The first drawing is, from left to right, me, Bill's friend Gramala, Fish Hooks director Bill Reiss, Fish Hooks creator Noah Z. Jones, Bill's friend Matt and the luxorious Maxwell Atoms.

The other one, obviously, is of me, Mr. Atoms and Noah.

While at the hotel, there were most definitely napkin drawings.
This one by me:

This one by Bill Reiss (probably about me):

So... While wandering the floor of Comic Con I stopped at Rebecca Guay's table to say hi and peruse her bee-yoo-tee-full artworks. And later that night she stopped by our table at the hotel for a root beer and some doodling.

She was getting frustrated drawing the monkey I requested and eventually switched to something "easier"-- like perfectly drawn naked women and horses.
I'm not sure who drew the horse at the top.
But it works for me!

And finally... here's a little something I drew while waiting in line for a churro:


I didn't draw that...


In actuality, this masterpiece was done by David Palumbo,
who Rebecca introduced us to.
She told me he did a lot of sci-fi/fantasy cover art so I shoved the sketchbook in his hands and told him to git drawlin'.

Next thing I know the guy whips up awsomosity.

Here... I'll show it to you again.


Did I mention that he's the son of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell?

Dang boy!

You gotta check this guy out.

And have you seen Dan Santat's new moleskine sketch doodle site?
He had a bunch of them at his table at Comic Con.
I mean, don't you wish you owned this drawing?

Yeah, me too. But he sold it before I could get my filthy mitts on it.

So Mr. Santat was nice enough to give me this one:

Incredible, right?

Now if I only knew where the damn thing is.
It completely disappeared from my bag.

I'm thinking that Dan took it back when I wasn't looking.

Or I just stupidly lost it.


I hate me.

But I love hunting for sketches at Comic Con!


Chelsea Lavertu said...

I'm pretty sure if I saw that Santat sketch hanging out of your bag I would steal it too. It's amazing!

Drury said...

Reminds me of op: U.N.C.O.O.L., Alot.