Monday, August 22, 2011


You know Jennifer Hale, right?

Even if you say you don't...


She's been dubbed the "Queen of Video Games" for the voice work she's done on, like, eleventy thousand video games.

Games like Mass Effect, Metal Gear Solid, Baldur's Gate and Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic.
She's been in EVERYTHING!

Even if you don't play games, you probably know her as the flame-haired, 9000 decibel, boy-hating, Irish Head of KND Decommissioning


Yeah, Ms. Hale might be the Queen of Videogames,
but she's considered to be quite royal in the world of animation, too.

Not only was she Numbuh 86 (as well as the voice of the KND's computer),
She was Ms. Keane and Princess Morbucks in Powerpuff Girls.
Billy's Mom in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
Jean Grey in Wolverine and the X-Men.
And a BILLION other roles in a BILLION other things.

Here she is cheerfully shooting me dead after I asked for an even LOUDER take at a KND recording session:

So do you want to learn MORE about Ms. Hale?


Because there's an article ALL ABOUT HER in this week's New Yorker magazine!

Wanna preview?

Click on the magazine cover below:


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Mariana =] said...

I just saw the list with the billions roles that she has done and I have to say: this woman is freaking awesome. =O

Drury said...

On a slightly more related note...

It seems my assumptions were right. She really IS working hard on ME3.

OK, now I can sleep well.

Good Morning.

Drury said...

And they just decided female Commander Sheppard will be redhead.

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