Friday, August 29, 2008

Cartoon Network Action Pack #28

Ben 10 fighting the evil alien Highbreed? Not easy. Samurai Jack saving a princess?! It'll be a fight. But that stuff's NOTHING compared with what the Kids Next Door have to deal with in the latest issue of Action Pack! The Delightful Children From Down The Lane? Nope. Their arch enemy Father? Not him either. Has Grandfather returned?

The KND are up against their own...

PR agent?

grab this issue now and sink your teeth into KND war hero maurice fontenot's powerful pencilling and the iguana's indelible inking.

notes: gift - curve
panels: ex machina TPB's - brian k. vaughan
frames: kiss kiss bang bang

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A MUST READ... but you can't yet.

so whilst lolling about the steam room of the exclusive cartoon creators clubhouse yesterday, i found myself sitting next to none other that mr. joe murray, who you all know is the mighty, mighty creator of nickelodeon's rocko's modern life and cartoon network's camp lazlo. we chatted about the usual deathly important cartoon creator things- our hair, whether karate chops were still funny, could vikings be the new ninjas etc. before making our way over to the 24 hour all-you-can-eat treat buffet- making sure to wave to other big shot cartoon creators like maxwell atoms and bob boyle stuffing their faces (and pockets) with food.

so imagine my surprise when, after our fourth round of root beer and mini-cheesesteaks, mr. murray handed me a copy of his yet to be released book CRAFTING A CARTOON- a guide to creating and producing your own animated TV series. i reminded mr. murray, not unpleasantly, that i had already created an animated series... but since my mouth was full of food he might not have heard me correctly and still insisted i read it.

and who am i to argue with joe murray? i've already started reading the book and so far it's AMAZING. it's the real straight dope from a guy who's made TWO successful shows on TWO networks. anyone and everyone interested in cartoons is gonna have to read this.

but you can't because it's not out yet. joe will be releasing it in handy e-book format soon, though... but not before adding a chapter about me, which was somehow omitted from the copy i received. i'm sure he's fixing it as we speak.

in the meantime, check out mr. murray's site HERE for updates on the book and all his other cool projects!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


the codename: kids next door production blog has gone underground...
so this is the new place to find out what the heck mr. warburton
(aka numbuh eleventy billion; decommissioned)
is up to nowadays.

keep it locked here for news, sketches, comments, queries, shouts,
murmurs, and whatever else sneaks in...

so what IS new?

well, wanna see what the cover of my children's book is gonna be called?
wanna know what the cover is gonna look like?

check it here

cool, right?

check back soon for more experiments, will ya?

notes: the step and the walk -the duke spirit
letters: the pirates! in an adventure with communists - gideon defoe
panels: yen plus- volume 1, issue 2

pixels: the inside man