Friday, August 29, 2008

Cartoon Network Action Pack #28

Ben 10 fighting the evil alien Highbreed? Not easy. Samurai Jack saving a princess?! It'll be a fight. But that stuff's NOTHING compared with what the Kids Next Door have to deal with in the latest issue of Action Pack! The Delightful Children From Down The Lane? Nope. Their arch enemy Father? Not him either. Has Grandfather returned?

The KND are up against their own...

PR agent?

grab this issue now and sink your teeth into KND war hero maurice fontenot's powerful pencilling and the iguana's indelible inking.

notes: gift - curve
panels: ex machina TPB's - brian k. vaughan
frames: kiss kiss bang bang


melody-gr said...

Oh crud!!!!!!!!!! Why this magazine don't come out in Greece??????????!!!!!

Unknown said...

must get to the nearest open comic store ASAP!