Tuesday, August 26, 2008


the codename: kids next door production blog has gone underground...
so this is the new place to find out what the heck mr. warburton
(aka numbuh eleventy billion; decommissioned)
is up to nowadays.

keep it locked here for news, sketches, comments, queries, shouts,
murmurs, and whatever else sneaks in...

so what IS new?

well, wanna see what the cover of my children's book is gonna be called?
wanna know what the cover is gonna look like?

check it here

cool, right?

check back soon for more experiments, will ya?

notes: the step and the walk -the duke spirit
letters: the pirates! in an adventure with communists - gideon defoe
panels: yen plus- volume 1, issue 2

pixels: the inside man


Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you that you are made of the awesome, Mr. W? I plan to check this blog occasionally!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr! Glad to see you blogging again! Can't wait for all that sooper secret inf you have for us :D
As they say, stay young!

Alison said...

Ah HAH! Now I can track your movements more conveniently...


*cue evil laughter*


Unknown said...

Hey!! It's Jess Cvetas :D

You can bet I will be reading this Tom! I can't wait to check out your book! It looks so cute! XD I'll probably have to buy it for the sake of the art!

Unknown said...

PS: Twelve is a very awesome age to perpetually stay. I'm personally keeping my head at about Fourteen. ;)

Unknown said...

I sure hope Disney won't ruin whatever project you have in development with the addition of movie tie-ins and obvious morals.

Nevertheless, welcome back to the fold. :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! ^^ Keep working numbuh eleventy billion! I'm looking forward to all your new projects ^^