Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Soooooo I was just out in LA to pitch the storyboard for this here pilot thing I got going on. And as you all know, animation isn't something that you can do yourself. Well, you CAN... it just takes a heck of a lot longer. Regardless, when I think of storyboard sooper stars, I think of Kim Arndt. While most of us tear out our hair, beat our breasts and gnash our teeth as each storyboard panel leeches the lifeblood through our pencil (or stylus), Kim just toodles along making the triple most awesomest drawings without a drop of sweat. With but a few lines she pulls an amazing pose, a genuine expression, or a hilarious gag. She makes it look so darn EASY!

Man, I hate her.

But just because I hate her doesn't mean I won't hire her!

So Kim took our script and storyboarded it with the help of amazing storyboard artists Jesse Schmal and Todd Myers. And once it was done it was off to LA to pitch it.

As you can see from the pic above, the board is posted up in a big conference room in sequential order (there are actually a couple more boards to the left). And then when the planets are all in alignment and the executives have been wrangled it's time to pitch it!

Which means you're PERFORMING the story before a crowd of people. Panel by panel, scene by scene, line by line, you're acting it out, voicing the characters, timing the punchlines, yelling the sound effects, laughing at your own jokes and hoping they're laughing with you.

And while I'm pretty comfortable getting up in front of people and making a fool of myself, it's kind of scary if you think about it. So you don't think about it- you just get up and go.

And that's just what I did... twice. Once before the Disney development folks and then again to them and their boss.

And to be honest... I think it rocked.

And now we wait...

Still, I wonder if they would have liked it more if the panels weren't so BLURRY!


Colleen said...

If you managed to show it to the boss that's a good sign, right? And yes, the panels are sooper blurry! What up with that? :D

Allie said...

I checked the picture... they're all blurry. D: Poop on a stick, you're killing us off even more now dude!

I didn't know you had a boss... I thought you were like... the boss, and you're your own boss and--...Wait...

Um... Nevermind. ^_^;

Good luck to you, Mr. Warburton!

~Allie, aka NLW

kndfan12 said...

Mr.W,you are making us wait this long in suspense.I hate you,now.HA Ha.JK.Those pictures are blurry.Ouch,it hurts my eyes.Ahh!!Anyways,good luck with putting together the show!