Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I mentioned this a long time ago on the old Sooper Secret KND Production Blog, but when former KND operative Scott Vincent sent me this pic the other day I thought it'd be nice to post it up.

Somewhere out in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a law-breaker with VERY good taste threw up some KND imagery, and while I'm flattered, I can't really approve it.

I mean, they're pretty off model, right? It's tempting to go over there and slather it with some post-its asking for some big revisions.

And in more law-abiding news, if you're in town for the big KIDSCREEN SUMMIT, don't forget to come see me at:

Cracking the Code—A chat with Codename: Kids Next Door creator Tom Warburton

Find out what makes one of the industry's top toon talents tick. Kids Next Door creator Tom Warburton talks candidly with David Levy about his creative process, the realities of producing six seasons of a series, collaborating with network execs, maintaining your artistic vision, pitching effectively and much more. He'll also open up about his newest projects-rumor has it he's awaiting the release of his first kids book and has a pilot in production for Disney.

If ya need more info- check it HERE!

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