Thursday, February 26, 2009


This month's issue of DC Comics Cartoon Network Action Pack has Numbuh Four taking us on an impromptu tour of the Treehouse in Operation: CHASED! As always, Maurice Fontenot has combined his awesome penciling prowess with Rob 'The Iguana' Smith's indelible inking to give you 4 pages of comic perfection.

Check out the first page here:

There's also some Secret Saturdays and a lil Samurai Jack in this ish so go get yours from your local comic shop now!

And just because I can... lemme throw you this page from the upcoming Operation: PITS!


Allie said...

AH! It's too bad I can't read all of the entire comic. I live in the hickest town ever down in the Southern part of the Bread Basket.

It looks great, so far! Pfft. What am I saying? Everything of your work is great. That's a fact.

And I love the line-art for the new comic! Looks like I'll be looking forward to that one, too. I wonder what the DC are looking at... *ponder, ponder*

... Maybe it's a flying superhero sheep with a bowtie? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Julieta.
It's awesome. ^^
Great job!
But I have a question: In Latin America, is the sale of these comics? Because here, in Argentina not found anywhere. =(

tom said...

heya julieta!
actually, i don't know if the Action Pack comics are sold in latin america! they're mainly sold in comic book shops in the states... so if you have one near you maybe you can check there.
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi again!
Okay. Thanks ^^