Monday, July 20, 2009


If you like blogs...

and design...

and moms...

and you've got 5 minutes...

and you like moms that blog about designy stuff...

then I've got some blogs for you!

Even better, I've got mom blogs that like 1000 Times No!

For example, there's Design Mom!

Here's a little of what she has to say:

Mr. Warburton sent over a copy of his new book, 1000 Times No, and my kids love it. They think it's silly and cool and lots of fun. I suspect Oscar takes mental notes while we read it to him — stockpiling ideas to add to his already vast repertoire of how to answer in the negative.

Check out the rest of her sooper sweet review HERE... and don't be shy to check out the rest of her blog for all kinds of fun family stuff! One of my recent favorites is the post regarding How To Build A Giant Table... because I could never build a giant table. I can only just watch others do it.

Regardless... THANKS DESIGN MOM!

And then there's 5 Minutes For Mom, who also gave a sooper swell review of the book:

This simple and very relatable story appealed to my young ones, each on his or her own level– my 20 month old laughed at the pictures and the funny voices that simply have to be used to read this aloud, while my 3 year old had a look of absolute understanding as the fit went on and on. (She should. She’s a champion.)

Wanna read more? Of course you do... so go over HERE!

Thanks Moms!

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