Monday, July 13, 2009


So last time I visited O'Doodles Toy Store in Chestnut Hill, PA it was for the Home and Garden Festival. I sat outside the store and met TONS of people walking past, but I wasn't reading 1000 Times No-- just introducing myself a 1000 Times and signing lots of books for all sorts of folk!

This time I was in the store at a little table and ended up reading the book at least 1000 times to 1000's of kids who stopped by. Great fun but my voice was shot afterwards! I even read them the dummy version of 1000 Times Why! Here's one of the rough spreads:

(Fun fact: In 1000 Times No, the boy's name is NOah and in WHY it's WYatt. Get it?!?)

I explained to everyone that all you need to make a books it some paper, some pencils or crayons and a mess of tape. Put 'em all together and you just made a book! I told the Philadelphia Inquirer, too... Check it over HERE!

There were some other great authors in town for the Book Festival as well. Take Gene Barretta who was there showing off his latest book JACK THE TRIPPER!

Turns out he worked in animation back in the day and we know a lot of the same people, not to mention both coming from the Philadelphia area!

And of course, I had to put him in a headlock until he drew me a picture:

And I was SOOPER excited to hear that sooperstar author Dave Wiesner was in town!

But sooper disappointed to find out that he was appearing on Sunday. But then I was double sooper excited when he showed up at O'Doodles while I was there!

So of course, he was bullied into drawing for me as well:

All in all another GREAT event! Thanks to all those that came!

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