Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here's something cool I found...

Some rotations of KND toys that never made it to final production!
These were the original sculpts by the fine folks at Kiddesigns, who were really amazing to work with!

Let's see, we've got boy hating Numbuh 86 at the top.
And beneath her is Numbuh One in his disguise from Operation: END.
And then there's traitor-but-not-really-a-traitor-because-he-was-really-working-for-the-Galactic-KND-all-along-guy Numbuh 274 (aka Chad).
And there's Numbuh Two's little brother Tommy along the bottom.

It's really a shame these guys never got made... they look AWESOME!


Numbuh 9.494 said...

Shame, I would've bought those ones of Numbuh 86.

Anonymous said...

I so would have gotten those....


Mayshing said...

oooo they are nicely made, those joints look very moveable. :D i love those things, they amazes me.