Sunday, August 23, 2009

No 'round the Globe

Wow! Just read an AWESOME review of 1000 Times No in the Boston Globe!

“1000 Times No’’ is Warburton’s first children’s book, but one hopes it will not be his last. Picture books live somewhere between the speed of a poem and a painting, yet possess all the seeming power of a novel - often within fewer than 100 words, and Warburton gets it just right.

And, of course, they gotta mention HIM in the review:

The baby has a rubber face and body a la Mo Willems, and Warburton’s confident use of the cartoony line lends charm and dynamic movement to the book. Any child still young enough to have a meltdown will cherish the wild humor of this book.

It's Mo-time all the time...

Which is WAAAAAAAY better than always being compared to, say, this guy:

Read the rest of the wonderfully wonderful review HERE!

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