Monday, August 3, 2009


Yes, I am here.

An official resident of Los Angeles.

No more subways for me. I'm driving 'round town in my Honda Element (his name is Horton), having lots of meetings, catching up with all my old sooper pals who live here and trying to figure out just where to stuff those last boxes of things you're not quite sure what to do with after a big move.

I'm meeting lots of awesome new neighbors who have lots of awesome kids, trying to learn the ways of the garbage pick ups, navigating when I can turn on the lawn sprinklers, and of course, gorging myself on awesome sushi and mexican food (and in-n-out burger)

The weather, of course, rocks and I make sure to sit out on the patio every night and take it all in. Folks say it's hot here... but it ain't hot like the wet-wool-sweater-thrown-in-your-face humidity of the East Coast. So they should get over it and enjoy.

It's a weird feeling being here. So familiar since I've spent a lot of time in LA already. It feels like a bit of a vacation. Like I'll be heading 'home' any day now.

But I'm not.

And that's REALLY exciting.

In the meantime, I'm painting up some art for the new 1000 Times No short we're doing for a certain kids cable channel. Here's one hot off the presses:

So in closing...

Mr. Warburton used to represent Brooklyn...
But now cold represents LA.

Please update your files.


Anonymous said...

welcome to the west coast :D

jtruss said...

Congrats Tom! We just solidified something over in Lake Balboa ourselves. Hope the transition's been smooth. Lookout SoCal!

Mayshing said...

dang, you are far away now, i loved seeing you doodle during ASIFA panel. lol Maybe in the future I will see you again, east or west. :)

kndfan12 said...

Ahh.Too far,too far.The chances of me meeting you are slim.(actually,I need to check and see if anyone I know is going to be in LA any time soon)So,good luck in the new place.(even if you are further away*mumble,mumble*)

Elliot Cowan said...

I keep hearing that the Mexican food is better in LA.
This is surely nonsense.
There are 109 million Mexicans.
I imagine they've sent at least one or two of their chefs to NYC...