Tuesday, June 8, 2010


1000 Times FINALLY!

Back before 1000 Times No came out, me, Dave Rasura, and our cronies at Curious Pictures made this cute little promo for the book:

Well, shortly afterwards, an exec I knew at Nick Jr. called me up and said, "I saw your book at a store in Brooklyn and it's really cute. Have you thought of animating it?"

And I said, "No... I haven't. But give me 5 minutes and I'll see what I can do."

Five minutes later I sent her the promo we did.
She thought it rocked pretty hard and suggested we do a longer version to air on Nick Jr.

So me, Mr. Rasura and crew went at it and came up with a sooper fun 1:48 version.

Wanna see it?
Then tune in to Nick Jr. TOMORROW June 9th
11:54am for you East Coasters
and 8:54 for us lazy West Coasters!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the mom the same voice as the teacher that the KND teacher?The one numbah 4 likes?