Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'd often heard his name bandied about.

Especially by his fellow Art Institute of Philadelphia alumni Maxwell Atoms (Billy and Mandy) and Greg Miller (Whatever Happened to Robot Jones).

And just like those two... he's had his own show:

Uh huh...


A show that never got as much attention as it deserved...

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!

So now you know I'm talking about Ciro Nieli, right?
We friended over at the ol' Facebook thing and later realized we grew up in the same part of Northern Philadelphia!

We even went to the same comic shop!
R&B Comics in Montgomeryville---
Man, I used to love that old comic book smell when you walked into that place!

Anyway, we decided to grab some lunch and chat about cartoons, skateboarding, his parent's pizza place and a thousand other things.

And, of course...

I got him to draw me something:


Mr. Nieli's got a TON of sooper amazing stuff in the works that I can only tell you about if I promise to kill myself. And I'm waaaaaaaay too busy to kill myself so you'll just have to keep it locked to see what he's got in store for ya'll!

It'll be worth the wait!


Jared Deal said...

I remember Ciro from my days @ AIPH but I didn't realize Maxwell Atoms and Greg Miller went there as well. Wow, crazy!

Anonymous said...

I remember watching SUPER ROBOT MONKEY TEAM HYPERFORCE GO! I watched this show since day one! I taped episodes and watched it every Saturday Morning RELIGIOUSLY!
I loved this show because of the fact, that the animation, character-design and color-scheme reminded of this 80's cartoon called THE MIGHTY ORBOTS.

It had a two year run. It deserves a DVD release!

Numbuh 34 said...

OMG i LUV LUV LUV LUV LUVVVVV THAT SHOW SOOOOOOO MUCH but not enough to beat knd of course and no im not a total suck-up i really do luv that show and i totally LUV knd too

Lory said...

:O why such a great show was cancelled? Me and my friends are still watching SRMTHFG on youtube,and we have 18-19 years!We want a season 5,it's not fair....:(
if not in english, least in japanese,or whatever.I so wish to see the end :3