Sunday, June 13, 2010


Don't forget to go HERE and come up with a caption for this photo of me and Mr. Bob Boyle:

And the host of this contest, one Lisa Yee, just pointed out that Fuse #8 aka Betsy Bird aka the highly influential head of the NY Public Library's Children's Room posted this about the contest:

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things. Like shoes and ships and sealing wax and Lisa Yee’s 75th (ish) Annual Bodacious Book Contest. Every year author Lisa Yee (she of the aforementioned fun covers) has a photo caption contest ah-going. This year is no different and the photo in question features one of my favorite fellows, Mr. Warburton. I hear lovely things about his partner in photo crime, Bob Boyle, as well. Animators. Gotta love ‘em. In any case, give the pic a looksee and then tell Lisa what it should say. It’s like the New Yorker caption contest, only with 95% less shark-related images.

I like being referred to as a "favorite fellow".

I really do.

So why not become one of my favorite fellows (or fellinas) and go make a caption?

The prizes (and secret celebrity judges) are listed on Lisa's blog today...
And you can bet I'll throw a signed copy of 1000 Times No into the kitty!
(Hopefully the kitty won't throw it up)

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