Thursday, June 3, 2010


There are sooooooooo many reasons to hate author/illustrator/show creator/pizza chef/underwear model Dan Santat.

I mean besides the fact that he's rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks when everyone knows the Philadelphia Flyers are eleventy hundred times cooler.

Or the fact that he eats the books of his competitors to make himself more powerful:

And while those are perfectly great reasons to hate him... here's the latest:

Have you sen this book yet?
It's written by sooper genius strongman for hire Mac Barnett...
(Billy Twitters and his Blue Whale Problem and Guess Again)
illustrated by the Santat guy...
it just came out...
and don't tell him I said it, but...


His best work yet.
I predict an Oscar.
And when the mighty mighty folks at Kirkus Reviews heard I liked it they said this:

A must have?

I think I must have it for breakfast if I'm ever going to become as powerful as this guy! Bnd I know some of you are saying,

"C'mon, Mr. Warburton! Can't you give us ONE more reason to hate Dan Santat? Pleeeease?!"

You're darn skippy I can. Check out this awesome book trailer:

So go on...



robstar1fan said...


It sounds like a good book ^^

brianna14 said...

i love the video! the music in the backround sounds really cool :) a giant robot that can CONTROL DOGS! how awesome is that?! i would love to read that book!

MatF said...

I had to come by just to bring up something, the Blackhawks won Mr. Warburton. Although I'm quite sure you already knew that.

and slightly more on the main topic:
The ability become more powerful by eating good books. That is one of the most unique abilities I have ever hear off. There are so many excellent works though, where to begin?

Anonymous said...

Blackhawks just got lucky. Had my Sharks been in the Finals, it would have been a lot uglier.