Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I present to you...



Gasdotto said...

WOW, this is a amazing surprise!!! I love the KND and for sure I'm gonna buy some prints, especially the one on One Pice because I like too much this anime and I'm gonna buy your book which unfortunately in Italy there isn't and I'm curious to read it, but I wanted to ask you, sensei Warbuton, when will international shopping be available to receive my purchases in Italy? I want to buy it in your store so much. I also wanted to ask you this: have all your print truly been drawn and autographed from you?
Goodbye and sayonara sensei Warbuton, from Italy and from a KND's italian superfan! I love your works!!!

PC said...

man..I want one of these so bad..:D

__Mariana__=] said...

*running around a chair in circles of desperation*
I want all of those sooooooooooo bad!!! Dx
Why do I live in Brazil in times like that?! AAAH!

Ps. Looking forward for the international shopping get available, I would totally buy those prints and the book! =]
...I mean... unless my dad disagree with buying something through Paypal... what is kind of possible... =(

brianna14 said...

this is better than my birthday!! this is AMAZING! im about to go on a major warbuton shopping spree!!!

and you like manga???!!!!!
You Like One Piece????!!!!!!!

ONE PIECE! (dun duuun dun dun dundun! dun duuun dun duuuuun)! compass left behind....it'll only slow us down!! your heart will be your guide! raise the sail and take the heeeelm! that legendary place....THAT THE END OF THE MAP REVEAAALS is only legandary until someone proves it reaaal...

now i got myself singing the (english) one piece theme song. i dont care. i love one piece :)

Lily Black said...

Ohhhhh, this is so unfair that we can't do international shopping. Please fix that soon, I am 10000000000000000000% sure there are thousands of worldwide KND fans dying out there (me included).

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound selfish... but, would comissions be a possibility? Or maybe even suggestions?