Sunday, May 1, 2011


It's one of the most closely kept secrets of authors.
A taboo subject that no one dares let slip.

Well, no one except ME!

Because I'm about to blow the roof off of what EVERYONE'S been dying to know.
Yeah, you know the question I'm talking about:


Well, I'm here to tell all.
Because I had lunch with a bunch of 'em this weekend.
You see, whenever Mo Willems comes to town,
all sorts of authors and illustrators get together to laugh, joke and eat.
And for some reason they let me come along.

So let's start with Mo:

That's steak and eggs, of course.
Mr. Willems likes to eat them when he's on tour to promote his latest sooper awesome book:

If you were at the LA Times Book Festival this weekend, maybe you got to see him read it!

And if you were sitting next to him at lunch, maybe you'd totally copy him and get steak and eggs, too.
That's what sooperstar author/illustrator Dan Santat did:

Can you blame him?
I don't blame anyone for nothin'(except awesomeness) if they wrote and illustrated this graphic novel:

Lisa Yee's secret lunch habits are a BIG topic of conversation at any party.
So what's the secret to her steak salad?

Lisa Yee don't roll like that.
She rolls like this:

But do you know who DOES roll with the dried cherries?

Marla Frazee.

Marla, who I just met but swear I've met before, is working on a sooper secret new picture book, but you might already know her from this series:

Next up, animator/author/robot/marathon runner Bob Boyle.
You know he writes and draws this:

But did you know he eats THIS:

Yes, non-meat eaters, that there's a veggie burger.

But alas vegetarians, Bob's wife, famed animation background painter Teri Shikasho had a beefy burger.

I had the house special, Rack of Peep which I did NOT share with Marla.

Paired with a fine root beer, that's some good eatin'.

Jarrett Krosoczka's meals are harder to pin down.
He refused to even show up for fear of his lunch secrets
being leaked to the public.
Smart man.
Because obviously I can't keep a secret.

Next time:

The hard hitting dessert choices of children's literature!


Lisa Yee said...

My Peep is still traumatized.

__Mariana__=] said...

Rack of Peep?? But she's so cute! poor Peep =(
If I were you i would have eaten that beefy burguer. =d

brianna14 said...

wait...that's not root beer...THAT'S WINE!

Mr. W, i have a random question for you. whenever i see a blond kid with a bowl haircut i point and whisper "numbuh four!". so here's the question, do you ever do that?

Anonymous said...

still wait for promised in and out burger photos

Lily said...

I would've had the beefy burger too! :))

Anonymous said...

I think cartoon network should have a come back of knd because how else would numbuh one be in fusion fall.

Anonymous said...

how do the opratives get into the tree house without a veicle like a shabby camper actuly makes perfect rescue-mabob or S.C.A.M.P.E.R. p.s. i have the exact same flight helmet as the live action Hoagie Pennywhisle Gilligan or numbuh 2.