Saturday, May 21, 2011


Back when I first moved to LA I sketched some of
my more scientific observations in my sketchbook.
(My dad's a scientist so I TOTALLY know science.)

Now that almost two years have past,
I thought it was time to do it again.
For the sake of science.

And as an added bonus I've included these drawings that my two little maniacs have done in their sketchbooks:


They're already better than me.


Mariana =] said...

These is the best "guidebook" to LA that I have ever seen =D
and I think that I already saw a similar painting of that second drawing in a museum =O

Lily Black said...

I love it! I hope imma get to L.A soon and do my own version of this drawing. Anyway, I think it's super awesome that your children have their own sketchbooks even at a tender age! I recall I had a little plastic basket with crayons and a pile of white papers everywhere I went when I was 4 and when we went to the restaurant my mom had to bring me paper and crayons and stuff to keep me busy. I still do that, and now I'm 14 :))

Anonymous said...

Who is "Hunky"


i was told that's a "monkey with a jetpack".

Anonymous said...

cue Elton John's "Rocketman"

Madison said...

Aww, I think it's so cute that you post pictures that your kids drew.
I can't wait until my baby sister can use/hold a crayon. We still have to make sure she won't eat them. :)

Chelsea Lavertu said...

Perfect analogy.
The helicopters are relentless like mosquitos too. I watched one circle around by griffith park for about 3 hours the other night.