Thursday, April 11, 2013


I think I've made it abundantly 
clear that I like 

But I've got a special place in
my heart for 

Mainly because it's a con
I can take my chickens to.
At Comicon I'm all but 
guaranteed to:

a)  lose my children

b) see them trampled by 
cosplayers/stormtroopers/comic nerds

c) watch them go supernova 
due to overstimulation

d) not get to work, see or do anything I want 
since I'm trying to avoid A, B, and C

So I save Comicon for me,
and make Wondercon all about the kids!

It's smaller,
less crowded,
and much kid friendlier
although it's still 
rough for smaller kids
to navigate.

As an added bonus,
it's a short drive
to Anaheim, CA.
(it used to be in San Francisco
but changed venues last year)

I didn't get to socialize or take many pictures
since it's all I can do to keep track of the 
But I did snap some busts:

The Mondo Media booth,
home of the best movie posters in the world:


Just like at Comicon,
Adventure Time rules the day:

Even He-Man has to take time out to

I made sure to point out Stan Lee
to the boys.
They thought he looked
"older than grandad".

And upon hearing that,
we were immediately 
escorted out of the building by 

Go on!
Take your kids
to Wondercon next year!

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