Wednesday, January 20, 2016


How much do I 
Channel Frederator
just posted this video with

More than you know!

And even if you're not interested in the facts,
it's a great trip though
my Facebook photo stream!

Take a look:

This obviously took forever to put together 
and I'm honored they took the time to dig up
so many fun facts!

Although some of them might need a 
minor correction here or there:

#3 = that's not my manga/anime library pictured.
But I wish it was!

#5 = Actually, the friend mentioned
(Linda Simensky)
moved to Atlanta
to become a big shot at 
Cartoon Network,
not LA.

it's pronounced UH-sifa east.
Not ASS-ifa.

#9 - It's not that the individual KND
weren't intended to have fixed names.
It was that their GROUP name would constantly change.
One day they'd be
The Deep Fryer Five
the next they'd be
The Apple Brown Betty Bunch.

Their name would alter depending on what kind of
 trouble they were intending to get Kenny into.

#11 - I didn't originally WANT 
Mark Hamill to play Professor XXXL.

But I was THRILLED when I saw he was on the
 list to audition for the part.

And I was TOTALLY disappointed when he didn't
 appear to be the right person to play the character.
But he was ABSOLUTELY the right guy to play

#17 - Just to clarify, the Beatles were nicknamed
The Fab Four.
Hence, Numbuh Four's name.

#18 - I don't think I ever intended Hoagie Gilligan's 
last name as a reference to Gilligan's Island.
As I recall, I just liked the name.

#19 - Oops.
It's Ben Diskin.
Not Driskin.

#32 - I don't recall it being said anywhere 
that Numbuh One's mom
(aka Numbuh 999)
was the first female operative in the 
modern KND.
If so, I'd say that was planted by evil adults.

#34 - I'm also not so sure
Number One was ever on the Decommissioning Squad.
Was he?

#43 - That's definitely not Steve Rucker in the picture.
Also, Tom Chase shared music duties
 for a good portion of the series.

#44 - Correction:
The song is called
The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo.
Not Destruction.

#49 - Rainbow Munchies.
Not Rainbow Crunchies.
Although they sound delicious, too.

#72 - I love nothing better than mispronouncing Mo's name.
But I'm legally bound to let people know that it's
Not Williams.

And he left AFTER season four.
To many tears.
Some of joy,
but most of sorrow.

#74 - While I'd love to take credit for placing Ash and Yugi in
the show, it was actually the character designers,
and sometimes the colorists that turned them into those characters.
Much to my delight, of course.

#81 - I think it's generous to say that 
Operation: KNOT was the ONLY episode of KND
that ran too long before getting locked to time.
There were certainly many more, especially in the first season.
But KNOT was a particularly egregious example.

#95 - The KND Splinter Cell and their mission 
of eradicating all adults
was a ruse to distract people from finding out about the 
Galactic Kids Next Door.
They don't actually exist.

#98 - 1000 Times No was only made as a short film for Nick Jr.
Not a series.
But the original idea was to do a series of books like
1000 Times Thank You,
1000 Times I Love You
1000 Times I Want Waffles.

#100 - Technically, I wasn't ASKED to do 
a piece for the TVA art show.
You just do one if you want to.
Those are the ones I caught.

Maybe there are more.
But honestly,

I just love that they made this!
for putting this together.

You rock.


Jared C. Blankinship said...

In the last special I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S, Nigel's mom said she was the first female operative of the modern age KND.
With #34, I think they got that idea of number 1 being a part of a decommisioning squad when in the season one finale he mentioned he had to help to decommission an operative unwilling to go without a fight.

Fred Seibert said...

I wish we'd checked with you first Mr. Warburton. Our bad. (Glad you liked it though, so did our audience. Like crazy!)

Anonymous said...

I was recommissioned thanks to this video and found this place! I'll keep up to date with the statuses here from now on!

Mariana =] said...

I learned so many new things about KND from the video that it actually surprised me.
And thanks for posting corrections, that made me more certain of the veracity of the facts. :)

Unknown said...