Thursday, January 7, 2016


It's sad.

But some books die before they
even see the light of day.

I got a lot of great reactions to the piece,
and the more I thought about it, 
the more I liked the idea of an ever
 changing line of people.
Perhaps it might make a good idea
 for a picture book?

It was a bit unconventional of an idea.
There's no main character,
and the story is a bit freeform.

But I love,
(as do my children)
a book where you have to look for stuff.

So I started roughing out some ideas:

Eventually I settled on the idea of a  loooong, wiiiiide book
with two page spreads each depicting a different kind of line.

A line for a baseball game...

For ice cream...

A line for the bathroom...

A police line-up...

etc etc etc.

The end of each page would give a hint 
as to what the next line would be.

And there'd be word balloons 
with assorted items that would be 
"lost" within the pages that you could search for.

Since it was a bit of an unconventional idea,
I decided to actually draw out almost the first half of the book.

Check it out:

Here's the cover:

And these are the end papers:

The title page:

nothing really happened with this pitch.

I still think it's an awesome idea, though.

How about you?


LockrFD said...

hi i just found your blog, i really love this is is very creative, and it would make a successful book. publishers... i hope you read this am a HUGE fan of yours. and i love KND. i was so sad when they removed it off Netflix, that was the last place i could watch it without pirating it. (i respect the creators). you inspire me with all you work in including your books. i love your drawing style. i wish you a late happy new year -meheer

pinkandorangesunset said...

I think this would've been a very nice book for children. It's easy to read and pleasing due to seeing various characters with original personalities packed onto one or two pages.

Athena Fliakos said...

Um, I love it. Like I wanna marry it. Sometimes I look at your stuff here and I feel so grateful talk is you are alive that it makes me wanna throw up all over my shoes--it's like a big wave of energy in motion...which sounds like maybe not a good thing, but it is the greatest thing. Old gold. You inspire.

Mariana =] said...

I liked the idea, really creative and simple.
I think the phrases that connect pages are great, because rhymes make the reading more fun. I, especially, loved the stuff in the middle of a line but that belongs in another one, like a bag of money in the rock concert line and the cat in the baseball game line. The only problem with these small things is that at first I overlooked them, so if there was a way to make sure the reader notice them, like, at the end of the book a person asking if you noticed them or something would be great and would make a person that is just browsing through it get more interested in buying it.
Oh, and adding colors and backgrounds is essential to make it look really nice and attractive for kids.