Monday, January 11, 2016


Last week
me and my family of ninjas
took a trip to Little Tokyo
to buy Japanese snacks,
visit nerd shops,
and eat mochi.

But as an unexpected bonus, there was an
at the 

There was a ton of stuff to see and do,
like Taiko drumming,
candy making,
and noodle eating.

But the REAL
fun was in the museum proper where
this was going on:

I've always loved Giant Robot magazine.
It's got massive style and is always inspiring.
Although it also makes me feel kinda
old and uncool.

And not Asian.

Giant Robot 
knows cool art.
So I was sooper happy
to jump into the gallery!

There was some live drawing happening.

And Giant Robots:

And video:

And sketchbooks!!!

Oh, the sketchbooks.

And. of course,
tons of cool art:

I don't get out to enough galleries.

Ima try to fix that in 2016.

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Liam Scanlan said...

This post has me wanting to ask you this question:
Have YOU, Mr. Warburton, ever considered doing a giant robot show, maybe one that's among the lines of "Gigantor", "Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot", and stuff that's similar?