Monday, April 25, 2016


Just before the New Year
we were told that 
The 7D
was going to finish up after it's 
second season.

And once a production starts winding down,
there's a slow and steady procession of folks leaving.
First it's the writers.
Then the storyboard artists.
Then design starts disappearing.
And some production folk.
Etc etc etc...

Eventually all that remains is a handful of 
post production ninjas
(like me)
who ride the train until the bitter end.
In our case, that's September 2016.

But it'd be silly to have the wrap party then.
Most people will be on new and exciting projects
and not even remember 
working on
The 7D.

So last Wednesday,
production manager 
Jennifer Nelson
and her merry band of
production elves 
threw a killer party!

There were handmade party favors:

And treats:

And almost
that ever worked on the show
was there!

Here's me with
killer voice actor
Kevin Michael Richardson (Happy)
and sooper awesome designer David DePasquale:

Executive Producer
Tom Ruegger
in the middle there!

And here's the card everyone signed for him:

And here I am sandwiched between
Stephen Stanton (Sleepy)
Dee Bradley Baker (Numbuh Four)
I mean... Dopey!

Of course,
Mr. Ruegger
gave a great speech to the crew:

One of the most fun moments of the night was a staged
reading of some of the 7D's favorite lines:

Here's a piece of it:


And a signed script:

And what's a party without a photo booth?
Here's me and my
post production team,
Frame Slashin' Samurai 
Brad Rozman
Rookie Sensation Retake Rocker 
Val Petrone 

And don't worry 7D fans.
Even though production is winding down, 
there's still a lot more 7D coming!
We're only halfway through post production!


in the animation industry,
timing director
Joanna Romersa
is retiring with The 7D as the last production 
to be blessed with her presence.
(Her first job was doing ink and paint on Lady and the Tramp!)

She is uncannily young,
both physically and mentally...
Whip smart...
Superbly talented...
A joy to be around...
And most likely a vampire.

Big love to Joanna
and to this drawing of her by
series director
Alfred Gimeno:


Liam'sWorld said...

Soooooo.....with "The 7D" gone, with "Fish Hooks", which, like "The 7D", you co-write, ran, and executive produced, but didn't create (Noah Z. Jones created both shows, I think), having faced a similar demise a few years ago, how about creating your own show, like you did with KND?

Joe Root said...

Much obliged to you for extremely usefull data.. photo booth