Friday, April 1, 2016


It was one year ago today
that we launched the 
grand experiment that was the
Galactic: Kids Next Door.

We wrote a story.

We drew a storyboard
(well, guy moore did)

Recorded voices
(well, david guerrero and the voice actors did)

An animatic
(well, Dave Courter did)

Made new music and SFX
(steve rucker and lou esposito did it)

(rob eberhardt did that)

We got hacked.

And then made ANOTHER animatic.

And all the while the G:KND hype train 
ran rampant, threatening to crush us all in its wake.

Man, that was 

Cartoon Network 
wasn't interested.

Which is a shame.
Because there are lots of stories to tell
in the G:KND universe.

And since it's been so long,
I thought I'd let slip a bit more of that universe.

Or at least one of my favorite characters.

Meet Numbuh 9L.
one of Numbuh One's 
teammates in the G:KND.

She becomes very protective of Numbuh One
as her planet was destroyed by the 
G:KND after it was completely overrun by adulthood.

She's huge.
She has two tails.
And a lot of cool weapons.
And that's all I'm sayin'.

So let the fan art begin!

And if by some chance you're new to what happened,
you can read about it 

And thanks to everyone that's 
signing the 
that Trevor Isaacs started last year.

I don't know if it means anything to Cartoon Network.
But 70.5 THOUSAND 
signatures is pretty awesome.


Unknown said...

Maybe if The Powerpuff Girls reboot series is successful enough, Cartoon Network may be open to greenlighting Galactic: Kids Next Door! Maybe you could resubmit G:KND in Late 2016 or Early 2017.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Ppg is coming back, samurai jack is coming back, even hey arnold!
Old great cartoons are coming back. The CN guys have no idea what they are missing. Maybe after they see the big success there will be, they change their evil adults mind. Please

Anonymous said...

Please don't give up.
Eleventy buhmillion operatives are here with you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much for sharing this awesome new character with us! Hopefully once the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, CN will change their mind. *crosses fingers*
-pennywhistle444 from DeviantArt

Anonymous said...

If CN doesn't accept the Greenlit of the GKND, Tom Warburton can always make a deal with Netflix to sign a contract and start making an original series. Who's with me on this? Any I hope and pray that this series might happened.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us more canon things like this about g:knd PLEASE??!!!

Anonymous said...

cartoon network oughto do something for all the voters! because they didnt vote for nothing! so wake up and do Galactic KND!

Anonymous said...

I agree

Unknown said... that a scythe on 9L's tail?
That's just awesome.

Mariana =] said...

Interesting new character, and I still think it's a shame that CN isn't interested. I hope someday they change their minds :/

Unknown said...

Since Netflix is considering possibly reviving Young Justice to stream on their service, maybe Netflix could be an option for Galactic: Kids Next Door too.

Luisa Alejandra said...

Don't give up. Samurai Jack is making a new series that will be air on adultswim so, why don't G:KND would do the same?
All the "kids" that we watched and loved the series in our childhood, now are like 20 years old or something. Or at least I'm 20 and I'd love to see them in adultswim or toonami.
Like the part in the animatic when Numbuh 3 says holy ****, that would fit perfectly on adultswim.
Just saying.
But please make this series. We all want to see it.
And if no one wants to make them on T.V., you could go to Netflix, since they are making new series and stuff, they would be interested on this one.
Just don't give up, and keep trying. Your fans are supporting you.

Anonymous said...

My Favorite Codename Kids Next Door Episodes Is Operation B.E.A.C.H. Operation R.E.C.E.S.S. Operation G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D. Plus Operation C.A.K.E. I Have The Codename Kids Next Door Video Game Operation S.O.D.A. Glad That Dee Bradley Baker Cree Summer Benjamin Diskin Lauren Tom Plus Tara Strong All Voiced Characters On Codename Kids Next Door. I Really Want To See Codename Kids Next Door Be Renewed For More Seasons. Such A Fun Show To Watch. Hope That You Had A Great Easter Mr. Warburton

Anonymous said...

Good things come to those who wait Mr.Warburton, Kids Next Door Rule!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the G:KND story is incredible. When i heared for the first time about the series 1 year ago, i got really excited! And I'm not the only one. Giving up on the G:KND will be a huge loss to us all. I beleive there's another way, even if cartoon network is so blind to the great potential of G:KND.
I hope we will be able one day to see the G:KND in action.

All the Best!

TheCyclonesEye said...

I would much prefer either a Netflix or even a Youtube series (bravest warriors and VGHS did it so why not) or perhaps on adult swim considering how horrid PPG: Redux turned out.

Shiranai Atsune said...

Man... I really wish G:KND could happen...

Anonymous said...

Im crying my heart out!
seriously, i have just finished seeing the ending about an hour ago, son, im a little depressed to see an important organization NOT supporting a legendary story.

They rather support adventure time to this? REALLY!?

i truly hope mr warburton doesn't surrender, and keep on fighting evil

KND rules!!!

Anonymous said...

Dont give up! Hulu or Netflix are still a couple of options, maybe Adult Swim as well since they decided to pick up Samurai Jack, so its still possible!
But I have to say Numbuh 9L is quite interesting, and to think you have loads of characters of the new series to show off, it only makes me want it to happen even more.

Anonymous said...

Forget Cartoon Network! They're a bunch of chumps now. Take GKND to Netflix!

Unknown said...

Why can't you just get companies as Netflix involved? KND was my favorite Cartoon Network's serie without any doubt. Your invention and ideas were just fantastic man! As a fan, I would like to know what happened to Sector V, after Numbuh 1's departure. I mean, I know that Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 got married and same with Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 5. But as you showed in the last episode, maybe they were selected to represent the Teens Next Door after they were 13 years old. For me it could be an excellent material showing how they lived after Numbuh 1 left, maybe they had great adventures when they were teenagers and you can show how Teens Next Door works using the principal characters. For example, you know that all of your fans liked other characters as Numbuh 3, or Numbuh 2, (personally I feel identified with Numbuh 4), so I would like to know how he managed to tell Numbuh 3 what he feels, and how she reacted (knowing that she felt something for him also, but did not show that as much as he did). I don't know, I mean that is just an idea, maybe after GKND works, you can also tell us how Sector V worked after their leader left (because it is obvious that they had more missions). I am a big fan, and PLEASE... DO NOT GIVE UP man! A lot of us want to recover our childhood. It was just an idea I had... hope you can read it and tell me what you think...
Thanks again Mr. Warburton... thanks for making my childhood something awesome as you did with thousands of other kids around the world...

Unknown said...

INCOMING TRANSMISSION... Hello, this is numbuh 272 from the after math of the primarytask, it is good to see that you still have hope... OPERATION C.A.R.T.O.O.N. is a go. END TRANSMISSION |

Unknown said...

INCOMING TRANSMISSION... Oh yeah, and remember the Kids Next Door RULES! END TRANSMISSION |

Anonymous said...

You know it is going to fail, right, I am not convinced by the creators at all, they could give false promises, it is better to leave the show as it is, cartoon network will buy them out and enforce them to give less efforts on story telling and lose the original charm of the show, unless YOU can ACTUALLY demostrate to give us a better and running on the same content as the original, I am not signing the petition, I am a fan but I was also fan of Teen Titans and Powerpuff Girls, we now know how all the shows turn out since its continuation, I want verbal confirmation on camera, on Youtube or any other streaming platform, saying along lines of something like this or otherwise: "anything Cartoon Network or any other children show production may throw around ludicrous changes to script, characters or otherwise, we will not make those changes, we will stick to our intended ideas and will follow through the original series overall effect it had impacted on dedicated fans as well as bring in new fans, not one change will be made unless it is our idea, it might turn even darker route but it will still have a happy ending at the end as per unusual with number 2 bad jokes, rainbow monkey chant and etc!

If ANYONE cares for the show and is true fan, then we ask VERBAL and ON CAMERA, promises of the creators that nothing will ruin the original series, no mickey mouse crud or silly plotlines (silly in a bad sense)

Agree or not but KND forever, please post, retweet and share this if you really are KND fan

Numbah 2000 said...

If you watch Justice League Action it might still be a go because that show has more serious than any other shows with superheroes. Talk to Cartoon Network and see if you can do what JLA is doing. It will bring old fond memories back. Let the show be a go. If they don't accept give the idea to Nick or Disney for Disney XD. Try to get the show a go. Do not throw away your shot.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

If you can't find a television broadcasting company to broadcast G:KND, then make your own television broadcasting company

Unknown said...

I just recently found out about galatic kids next door and I must say this needs to happen

I loved KND it was my childhood and for it to have a sequel would be the best

Believe you have fan support all the way

Anonymous said...

If Samurai Jack can make a comeback, why not CND? Please do it Mr. Warburton.

Numbuh 2113 said...

Forget about Cartoon Network, it already has bad publicity, and Teen Titans Go, don't even get me started on that one. Try to get the show on adult swim, I mean they put Samurai Jack on there, why not give it a try. If Cartoon Network doesn't see the potential this show has, then they are stupid. So try it, see what happens. We are all depending on Mr. Warburton, make our dreams reality for all of the knd fans out there. I'm depending on you to make your ideas reality. Codename: Kids Next Door Rules! Now it's time for you to get to your Battlestation.

Numbuh 2113 said...

Forget about Cartoon Network, it already has bad publicity, and Teen Titans Go, don't even get me started on that one. Try to get the show on adult swim, I mean they put Samurai Jack on there, why not give it a try. If Cartoon Network doesn't see the potential this show has, then they are stupid. So try it, see what happens. We are all depending on Mr. Warburton, make our dreams reality for all of the knd fans out there. I'm depending on you to make your ideas reality. Codename: Kids Next Door Rules! Now it's time for you to get to your Battlestation.

omu* said...

I may be late to the party, but my heart still prays that G:KND will become a real thing. A thing that may bring happiness and suspense and anticipation to all the older fans who grew up with the original show and even gain new, younger fans who'd fall in love with it the same way we did. I recently rewatched all six seasons of the KND, and each episode never failed to make me smile, just as they did when I was a kid. Never stop trying! (There's always Adult Swim :") ) KIDS NEXT DOOR RULE!

Unknown said...

I just realized there was a petition ): guess I'm late to the party, however please *please* continue this show, even if Cartoon Network is not interested, you have a really good idea in your hands and you have had it since the serie began. It doesn't matter if its in youtube, netflix or even a comic, let us have the pleasure to read Nigel's and now GKND's adventures. Cartoon Network don't know anything about trending shows (just look how stupid they turned Power Puff Girls in their new seasons), please continue this amazing idea!

Anonymous said...

This is so disheartening...but since so many people want it, and most of CN's shows are ending, would it be possible to try pushing it to be Green-lit again? I'm not sure if CN would change their minds, but could other networks pick it up, maybe Netflix? I just refuse to let something this amazing not be made, networks have to be stupid not to pick it up.

Anonymous said...

Do You Have A Fan Mail Address Where You Reply Back To Fan Mail Letters Mr Warburton? Cartoon Network Needs To Pick Up Codename Kids Next Door For More Seasons Correct Lots Of More Stories To Tell. Cheers To The Recent Fan Mail That You Have Got. Tiffany

Unknown said...

Me uno a la causa aunque sea bastante tarde pero quiero que regresé

Numbuh 713 said...

Man... These really made me wish G:KND is really happening :")