Monday, December 1, 2008


As usual, my faithful lab assistants have been doing research and informed me of some pretty interesting facts. Firstly, they wanted me to know (and in turn I want you to know) the TOP 3 GOOGLE SEARCHES as of this morning:

1. The 2008 ASIFA-EAST Auction
2. Maurice Fontenot's awesome comic book pages
3. Cheesesteaks

All VERY interesting topics, of course- and topics I just so happen to know a lot about:

It's no wonder the auction holds the number one spot. People can't stop talking about it. Check out animation writer Joe Strike's story of how I was able to milk him out of his lunch money HERE.

And here's another one by aspiring filmmaker Emmett Goodman which includes a sketch of me... although it CAN'T really be me. I've got the most sooper squinty eyes in the universe and could never open an eye that wide. But maybe he caught me at a high bidding moment. See for yourself HERE!

The second most searched topic on Google? Maurice's latest KND comic masterpiece, of course! Check out this penciled page from Operation: CHASE!


Number three?

Cheesesteaks, dude. It was impossible to find a good one here in NYC for years. But I like THESE.

Ya gotta admit, it's pretty great having me share such important research, right?


Varmoosa Applepie said...

good cheesesteaks, hotdogs, and perogies are in short supply the world over. it breaks my heart.

presuming these cheesesteaks are as good as you say, let's order some when my internship starts in january.


cool! cheesesteaks and waffle fries are on me!