Friday, January 23, 2009

Omoshiroii Futago Yamashita!

Power Packin' Penciller Mr. Maurice Fontenot and Indelible Inker Rob 'The Iguana' Smith are still rockin' out new KND comics for DC's CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK every month!

And since some of you have been dying to know what your favorite delightfully evil Japanese masters of disguise have been up to, I'm here to tell ya that the guys are just finishing up a 4 pager starring none other than the Interesting Twins From Beneath the Mountain!

It won't be out for a couple months, but keep your eyes peeled for this story! It's a good 'un!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tom,
I like to make an suggestion about an Story for KND Comic:
An Comic about Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 362- B.O.D.Y.G.U.A.R.D:
Numbuh 362, Rachel McKenzie need an Bodyguard cause Count Spankulot is coming to spanks her for Forming an Strike against homeworks and she turns to Numbuh 1 as her Bodyguard and that night, Count Spankulot came
to spanks Rachel for the Strike against homeworks but Numbuh 1 attacks Count Spankulot and tooks Numbuh 362 and ran of the house and into the Dark Street but Numbuh 362 begins to feel tired from running and tell Numbuh 1 that she have to give up to Count Spankulot but Numbuh 1 have an plans of his own.....
Count Spankulot came across Numbuh 362 and Spanks Her before he flys into the Night and as Spankulot Leaves
Numbuh 362 was reveals to be Numbuh 1 dress up as Numbuh 362 while Numbuh 362 was hidden naked in the
Trash Can, as Numbuh 1 gives Numbuh 362 back her clothes.. Rachel tells Nigel thanks for taking her Punishment for her!
End Transmission.

nothanks said...

You would imagine there would be a comic book store in Memphis,but noooo.People here are a bunch of meanies they don't sell comics.*crys* So,I command you to post up comics(ecpically this one and the one you told us about forever ago about the DCFDTL).So,please post the comics on this blog,please.