Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1000 Times No at Head House Books in Phila.


The events for 1000 Times No are piling up! And the next BIG one is down in Philadelphia-- my hometown! Although, technically, I'm from the suburbs of Philly... but I spent enough time in the city proper that I can feasibly call it my hometown! I mean, hey... I still root for the Flyers even though I live in NYC!

Anyway... on Saturday the 16th at 2:00, the wonderful people at Head House Books have invited me to come read and sign 1000 Times No, as well as teach the kids how to draw Noah! Fun is absolutely guaranteed or your money back!
(good thing the tickets are FREE)
(and you can get them HERE!).

So all you friends, family, KND fans, and Philly fanatics come on down and say HEY!

And make sure to tell me if I have cheese steak stuck in my teeth when I'm reading, okay?


NUMBUH 4/4-TIME said...

No one has commented on this? How rude! Ugh, it's times like this where I wish I lived on the East Coast! Too bad I'm living on the other side of the American continent. Well, anyway, good luck on the big upcoming book signing and the delicious looking sandwhiches. I hope your new book continues to sell extremely well! I'm looking forward to my own time when I finally get my firt book out. Until then, I'll be rooting for my favorite cartoon animator! Later!

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited about these tours!!! though.... you probably figured that out already, heh.