Friday, October 9, 2009


Thought I'd give you guys a free scoop of Mr. Fontenot's latest pencilization of an upcoming Cartoon Network Action Pack story!

And why do I get the feelin' that Numbuh Four ain't gonna like what these cowgirls got in mind for him?


Anonymous said...

Numbuh four is a chick magnet!


Anonymous said...

i think numbuh 3 would have something to say about that
Whats he going to do now?

i can't get any of these where i live sadly :(
but i love the KND to bits!!! :D


Bex said...

Haha, Numbuh 4's face is priceless. <3

Anonymous said...

I think your right, Numbuh Eleventy Billion, and I think a certain rainbow monkey loving operative isn't going to be too happy about it either...

-Numbuh 3.14 of Sector Q, and Milo-Lee of the GKND