Monday, April 26, 2010


For years, or decades... no CENTURIES, the forces of evil have conspired to keep me and Jarrett J. Krosoczka from meeting. And they were overwhelmingly successful...


But perhaps the forces of eviltry have kept YOU from meeting Mr. Krosoczka, as well.
Then allow me to introduce you to him.

First of all, his name is pronounced


Or something like that.
But he seems to respond with less of a scowl if you pronounce it


Second of all, he's an awesome picture book author/illustrator.

Perhaps you've seen PUNK FARM?

And if you liked that one, than you most definitely liked this series:

Both rock and BOTH are being developed for sooper movie-dom, yo!

Anyway, the aforementioned powers-that-do-evil somehow decided that me and Mr. Krosoczka should never-ever-ever (forever ever?) meet. But then I ran into the oft mentioned sooper robot pal Bob Boyle while perusing the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. And he decided I SHOULD meet Jarrett J Krosoczka.


Here's proof:

Both he and his wife Gina were sooper very nice and we laughed and joked about lots of stuff. Like weird talking goat books. And certain award shows.
(You had to be there to appreciate it.)
(And even then you had to be in the right mood.)

Anyway... the book festival was pretty huge. It was on the UCLA campus, which is gorgeous and a great setting for such a big event. It was a little more commercial than other festivals, but interesting nonetheless. I wish I had more time to wander the stalls, but I had my two little ninjas with me which means I spent more time locating them than locating interesting books and authors.

Hopefully I'll be there next year with my next book!


If you didn't believe my last post... go over to Lisa Yee's blog where there's more proof of our escapades at Versailles.

There's also proof that Dan Santat rides a horse around LA:

Check it all out over HERE!


brianna14 said...

that's pretty awesome. i wish i would have seen you there. sounds like you have fun!

Adam said...

Punk farm!