Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Oh man, where to start?

Perhaps at the beginning?
See, me and the family went back east for the holidays.
Some good friends let us commandeer their apartment in Brooklyn so we could hang out in our old 'hood before heading down to Philadelphia to see our families.

And it was great!
I even had some time to myself to wander the city and do some shopping.
Well, actually I spent a lot of time trying to find a book.
I've been reading Suzanne Collins GREGOR THE OVERLANDER series and was just 25 pages away from finishing the fourth book. I figured I'd polish it off before the trip so I only had to bring the 5th (and last) one with me.

But when I got on the plane, I realized I forgot to polish it off.
It was over here:

At least I had Fables 14 and Ex Machina 9 and 10 to keep me busy. Both are REALLY sooper awesome comic series, if you're looking for something to read.
Although I gotta say I hate Ex Machina's photo-reference art-style.
Haaaaaaate it.
But Mr. Vaughn's writing MORE than makes up for it.

Anyway... I figured I'd just pop into a book store in NYC and quickly read the last 25 pages of Gregor The Overlander and the Marks of Secret before starting book 5.
But it wasn't at the Barnes and Noble flagship store.
Or the one on 5th ave.
Or The Strand.
Or Shakespeare and Co.
Or McNallys.

And finally when I had given up... there it was. At the little Barnes and Noble on 6th Ave in the West Village.

It's a fun series although I had a hard time getting through the first book since it all felt a bit too 'done'-- ie Hapless kid falls into strange new world, meets princess character, just might be the Chosen One, etc etc etc. But as it went along I hopped on board for the ride and cheered Gregor on. Or Ripred, at least.

But it wasn't like I was wasting all my time looking for that book.
No, that was just inbetween all the other stuff like visiting Curious Pictures, eating at Dogmatic, and buying comics at Forbidden Planet.
(sorry LA... you still don't have a comic store as comprehensive as FB that I don't have to drive into Hollywood for.)

And on the way, I even got to grab some lunchables with my sooper pal Phil Yarnall, who I've known since, like, 7th grade and moved into the big city with years and years and yeeeears ago.
He's a big shot graphic designer who does a lot of stuff for the music biz and he was cool enough to slide me a copy of this:

He designs all the packaging for the Jimi Hendrix estate, as well as stuff for AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Hank Williams, and you name it.

Iffn you wanna see some more of his work... head on over to SMAY DESIGN.
You're kinda crazy if you don't.

Anyway... after a couple days in the city we made our way down to Phila for family-style Christmas action which was, of course, holly AND jolly-- but a bit rushed.
So we were pretty worn out when we drive back to NYC on Dec. 27th, the day before our flight was to leave. Sure, Phila had gotten maybe 6-8 inches of snow. But NYC?

Almost two feet.
It was, in some people's words...


(stay tuned for part two of the snowpocalypse saga real soon!)


Anonymous said...

Nice. This saga beats Twilight by a mile. And you sound like you have a lot of fun! I can't wait to pitch my series to CN. It's my DREAM to become a cartoonist.

brianna14 said...

ok...why is there bubbles in the toilet? that's pretty awesome. and that comic book store looks cool! they have nice anime stuff!

emma r said...

okay 2 things mr. w 1st i cant tell do you still live in california or nyc? and 2nd if you like susanne collins books i very much recomend the Hunger Game series

Anonymous said...

Why in front of the toilet! Its funny though. Plus I really wanna go to that store. They rock in anime. I love ittttt!


yeah... forbidden planet has an awesome anime section! they've also got games got games, toys and books totally covered. there really isn't a store here in LA that has all that in one place!

as to your questions emma:
1. i live in LA these days.
2. yup! the hunger games trilogy rocks! i got turned on to gregor after i read those books!

nothanks said...

I want to go to forbidden planet. they have a nice selection on their website. When I go to NYC(possibly moving there after college)I'm defiently going there.

I havent read Mocking Jay yet :( You just had to remind me with Suzanne Collins gregor. I read Hunger Games awhile back. though I was skeptical in reading it the first few chapters compelled me to not put it down. I finished Catching Fire in a few days and then borrowed Mocking Jay from my friend. I only got to page 60 or something when my friend had to take Mocking Jay back to the library. I didn't have enough time on my hands at the time, anyway, to read the last installment. I need to just buy the whole series before the movie comes out so I can read it all over again...or to make this situation less dramatic, i could just go to the public library.

anyway, post up part two of this saga soon. I agree the first post, it beats Twilight by a mile. No, it beats Twilight by land slide.