Wednesday, March 9, 2011


While aimlessly roaming around my gihoogic,
plush office here at Disney TV Animation
I happened across this:

Not sure who put it up on my wall, but I LOVE it!

September '97?!

Yeesh! That was, like eleventy hundred years ago!


Mariana =] said...

Cool =)
I never really watched Pepper Ann because as you said this show was on TV like eleventy hundred years ago and I was too young in that time, but I've seen one episode of this show and I bet it must have been one of the best shows of that time. =]

InterestingNit said...

Ah, Pepper Ann. Such a great show that was.

And the fact that you worked on it just made it 50 times better.

nothanks said...

Pepper Ann! Ahh, what good memories. :) Mr. W, it wasn't eleventy hundred years ago it's been almost fourteen. xD I should know because I represent '97! :)I recall watching Pepper Ann with all of my siblings. It was such a good show...still is.
I loved the character design on that show, btw.

Anonymous said...

Omg I used to watch that show all the time. I've introduced it to my brother, who has fallen in love with it just like I did. Having gone through 7th grade, I can now totally relate to Pepper Ann.

Unknown said...

I haven't seen Pepper Ann for like in a long time but I think I used to watch it when I was little.