Thursday, January 5, 2012


I don't know about you,
but I need to listen to music when I work.

I can't when I'm writing.
It's too distracting.
But when I'm drawing...
the music MUST go on.

And it's no secret that my favorite band is The Who.
But did you know that my favorite album is

The whole thing.
Every song.

Such drive (5:15, Bellboy).
Such emotion (Love, Reign O'er Me).
Such teenage angst (Cut My Hair, The Real Me)

I never get tired of it.

So how happy was I when I heard that Mr. Townshend was remastering it?
Kinda happy.
I usually don't care for remastered stuff.
I like the music how I remember hearing it.
But the super deluxe edition they were releasing has a big hardcover book,
song by song track notes and all sorts of bonus goodies.

I'm in.

Then I heard they were gonna have a listening party at the
Petersen Automotive Museum here in LA.
I guess because they have some Vespa scooters there.
(which were very important in the English Mod movement when Quadrophenia takes place)

So off I went.
And the museum was AMAZING!
(if you like cars)

Cars kinda make me go "meh".
Still, you can't help but be impressed by the place.

So as I walked around and looked at car after car (after car)
while the remastered songs of Quadrophenia played over the speakers.
But after half an hour I was pretty much done
so I wandered over to the listening area.
Which wasn't much.
Just a bunch of folding chairs around a sooper amazing speaker set-up.
There was a Who concert playing on a DVD,
but it wasn't Quadrophenia so it wasn't quite in sync with what was playing.

To be perfectly honest...
It was kinda lame.

But I couldn't leave.
I was meeting a friend later at the museum across the street.
So I had an idea.

I went back to my car and got my sketchbook.
After all, the Kids Next Door were practically BORN to the strains of Quadrophenia.
And you know what?

I had a GREAT time just sitting there drawing my kids.
It was relaxing and fun!

Another good reason for staying was that they were gonna have a drawing
to win a copy of the remastered edition.
10 of the regular ones and 1 of the super deluxe.
And there was barely anyone at this thing.
So i figured I was a LOCK to win one.

But I didn't.

Fortunately for me, only 3 people showed up to claim their prize.
So they drew again.

And I didn't win again.

Fortunately, 2 people didn't show up to claim their prize that time.
So they drew again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...

I didn't win AGAIN!


So I asked for one for Christmas.
(Thanks Mom and Dad)

Here's what I drew while I sat there listening to my favorite album of all time.

Maybe I can finish it if the band tours.


Mariana =] said...

Wow, the others competitors probably had awesome drawing skills to make you lose it three times. =p
and I simply loved your drawing =)

brianna14 said...

I know actually what you mean! I can't draw unless I'm listening to music or in a good mood. And that's an awesome drawing!

Vespas are coooooool :D