Monday, September 24, 2012


Remember when I told you that one of the greatest things 
about my epic sketchbook of awsomosity was that I didn't do
any of the drawings?
Well, I kinda lied.
Because there are a couple drawings
that I done did.
Like this:
That's one of the original publicity drawings for Nickelodeon's Doug.
I was an assistant layout artist on the show
(my second job in the industry!)
and I cleaned this drawing up for 
sooper rockin' layout artist Dave Concepcion.
Six million years later,
I run into Simon Deitch, 
someone I worked with on the show,
and he hands me that drawing.
When Doug was all done and Jumbo pictures was cleaning house,
he found the drawing in the trash and figured I might want it.
How right he was!
And check this out:
That's a watercolor test I did for the end credits of the KND pilot.
It's just a xerox on crappy xerox paper that I painted on,
but it got the effect I wanted.
It's fun finding that kinda stuff.


Mariana =] said...

Wow that's such a cool KND picture! I love this kind of painting of yours, that's why my favorite KND drawing is that one with "Stay Young" above it <3

brianna14 said...

beautiful :)

Angela Entzminger said...

That's pretty awesome that Simon rescued that drawing. I love Doug still!

Anonymous said...

Good job!!!