Thursday, November 15, 2012


Tis the season for the studios 
to start courting the Oscar and Annie voting public!
So there are lots of free DVD's coming in the mail
and invitations to free screenings!

For instance,

I took my little ninjas
to a sooper special screening
of Laika's
last weekend.

And it was a great one!
really pulled out all the stops
to make it a kid-centric event.

There was a fun photo booth,
kids coloring activities
and a
spread of ghostly treats!

There were a couple actual models from the movie:

And some characters in costume:

And doesn't everyone love a goody bag?

When it was time to watch the movie,
director/writer Chris Butler
came out to introduce it
and you know what?

I thought it was a really fun movie!
Lots of really good laughs...
Next-level stop motion animation and FX...
And sooper fun characters.

I especially loved the sequence when Norman meets the witch.
Really amazing and scary FX!

Thanks, Laika
Below The Line!
You guys did a screening

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Numbuh 25 (Abbey R) said...

Coolies! I so want to see paranorman! Would you recommend it? How did your kids like it? I just wanna see it coz' it looks like one of those creepy yet sooper-awesome stop-motion movies, like Coraline. The food and goody bags and assorted other cool-as-heck stuff looked, well, cool as heck! Glad you had fun!!!
-Abbey (Numbuh 25)