Thursday, July 18, 2013


One of my duties as
creative director 
is to supervise the music.

Once we're done animating an episode,
we have to 
(a fancy term for cutting it to the right length)

Once it's locked,
I go through and 
(a fancy term for giving notes on how we'd like the music)

Here's an excerpt

16:11 – let's have some cheesy high school play piano happening with bea's bad acting
(you can probably steal it from a previous show).
Build it up when bea goes in for the kiss and then cut it off when milo shouts her name.

16:42 - start up the piano again before it gets cut off by steve jackson's reaction.
Play bea's annoyance in the transition.
Keep it going until we finish trucking in on oscar and co.

17:22 – show some excitement when the store opens!  
The kids charge forward but then STOP when they get stopped

17:35 – yet another transition to oscar and bea in the hall.
18:04 – and another.
18:18 – let's put some very light new age music in this intervention sequence.  
Very caaaaaalm.
Ramp it up a bit when jumbo starts talking about his movie at 19:00.
But then cut it off once albert alerts him.

19:31 – change up into the REAL confrontation between milo and his friends.  
I don't think the temp music does the scene justice.  Get emotional!  
They're trying to break up milo and his milkshake!

Our composer,
Andy Sturmer
(who used to be in a band called Jellyfish)
takes the notes and
turns them into the beautiful music
you hear on the show.

It's NOT as easy job.
He's has to score almost 11 minutes of music a week
in a variety of genres.
He has to play moods.
Accent jokes.
And make catchy pop songs.

Sometimes there's a montage
or a small section that needs 
a song to cover it.
So I'll write up some lyrics for Mr. Sturmer to work with.

Here are two
Milo's Milkshake:

NUH-UH by tom warburton
I was like, 
no way
Gotta say 
not today,
Love you still
But had my fill.
So now I'm all like,

No way, jo-se, no way
No no no
No thank-you, frank, no thanks,
No no no
Nuh uh, uh uh, uh uh…

MILKY by tom warburton

(start out with some guttural "uh's" and such)

(female vocals)
Milky milky milky,
You're so thick,
Drink too much and ya gonna get sick
Shakey shakey
I need a straw
Cause when I'm with you all the ladies say

(male rapper)
AAAAAAAAAW…. Yes! I gotta shake
To go with those fries.
The answer to your question is 
sooper size!

When you see me with my shake
Man, you know I get illa,
Might be straw-berry
But it could be vanilla.

Cut it off with a record scratch at 14:46 (or we can SFX one)

Of course Andy will often
need to change lyrics here and there.
But they always come out good.

Check 'em out:

The first one is sung by
the sooper talented
Susanna Benn
(who does the vocals for most of our songs)
and the second by the mighty
Kevin Michael Richardson.

(and funnier)

It's fun hearing these songs again.
I'll post more soon!


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