Thursday, August 15, 2013


It's time for another
sketchbook to retire:

I always like drawing something pretty on
the cover page but this time I left it up to
Fish Hooks
Noah Z. Jones:

I feel weird posting pics from this sketchbook.
A largish portion was
taken up by some sooper double
ninjas-hiding-under-the-bed secret
projects I've been working on.

The drawings are encrypted with
evil corporate magic that would cause you to
bleed spicy mustard from the eyeballs if you saw them.

And I admire your eyes too much 
for that to happen.

So I'll just show you some pictures of flowers:

Weird dudes:

And fern cocktails:

what else.

I've been drawing myself different

I haven't been as diligent about 
making fun header drawings,
but there were a few:

And then there was other stuff.

rough ideas for
unicorn gags:

Doods wif sords:

Seraphim skulls:

 Fitness milestones:



Star Wars stuffs:

Stuff my little wolverines made for me:

Because it's true,

I mean...
I take them to 
when Mrs. Warburton
is away on business:

And then... 
one day in mid-August
it was time for this sketchbook to be done.

And then...

I got another sketchbook.


Where's yours?


DCFDTL Sooper Fan said...

I'm glad you took our precious eyes into consideration Mr.Warburton! Haha, as for my sketchbook, my own recently retired one is sitting up in my closet, and unsurprisingly, IS chock full of KND doodles. Speaking of which, is there a chance you'll ever post another one of your uber ancient notebooks with scribblings about KND like you did that one time? I'd really love to see more!

mr. warburton said...

Glad to hear your sketchbook is full, DCFDTL Sooper Fan! Keep filling them up! As to old KND sketchbooks,
I have a feeling some more of those will get posted in the future!

Numbuh 424 said...

'Tis a sad day when you have to say adios to one of your sketchbooks. I have at least 3 pages left on mine before it retires and I plan on using those last 3 pages wisely. I also plan on getting a new one early so I can immediately start filling it up with as much as random junk as I can. :D

pinkandorangesunset said...

I have way too many sketch books I'm working on at once XDD; of course it's filled with knd but, mainly my ocs numbuhs 97, 92, 5050, and 371 ^^; also with some of my gknd ocs of course :3

Anonymous said...

I always try to do sketch books or at least one simple KND fan art, but I don't know how to draw hands and feet! They always end up weird. I can draw shoes and the rest of the body, just not bare feet and hands.

mr. warburton said...

anonymous-- everyone knows that drawing hands and feet is sooper impossible. ya just gotta keep drawing them over and over again. copy from life and reference! that's what your sketchbook is for!

and keep filling them up, 424 and sunset!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Thank you. I'm gonna try and fill up lots of sketchbooks.