Thursday, October 3, 2013


Codename: Kids Next Door
first started
things were 

It was the first season so
everyone was looking to me to
tell them what the show 
was about
and what it should look like.

And I had to act like I knew
what it was about
and what it should look like!
(even though I didn't)

Here's one of the earliest drawings
I did of the KND:

Yuck, right?

But things evolve.
And they get better.

I've always said you have to draw a character 
2000 times 
before it starts to looks right.
Then draw it another 3000 times to make it good.

So I drew the KND another 5000 times until I got them
to be the kids you know and love.

I'm exaggerating.
But when the show got green-lit
 I had to give the designers
some kind of window into my style
(so they could make it better)

By whipping out quick doodles
to get them started.

Early on the sketches were filled with
philosophical ramblings:

But most often it was just
a rough idea,
like for the

Or an ice cream monster:

For the first episode or two 
I did some sooper triple rough storyboards:

And then whenever a new character got introduced
I'd throw up a sketch for the designers to elaborate on:

And then...
one day... 
you get to a point where
your designers start 
drawing your style better than you do.
(which wasn't hard in my case)

Big ups to
character designers
Tom Evans
Todd Myers
Kevin Kobasic
everyone else who helped
transform my
scribbles into


Anonymous said...

Omg my childhood is comming back to me. I can't believe that cnd came out in 2002.
your work is so original and funky, It gave me a dream that I could bo a cnd too.
Its intresting about your sketches I would have never thought you had a clear idea about them.

Anonymous said...

Lol at Numbuh 4's Rough Draft hair

Marykegler3 said...

This is so Amazing