Wednesday, December 18, 2013


If you're looking for a last minute gift,
don't forget about this thing
rocked last year:

Here are a couple reviews:

Freaking awesome! If you love the books you will love this activity book. 
It's HUGE! Like the biggest activity book ever! 
It's totally awesome and fun and both my kids love it.

my 7yo kid loves this and will go from page to page
 reading, writing, and making projects. 
It's kept him entertained for hours. 
It is not a standard activity book, this one is FUN!

WOW this book is HUGE and awesome!! I can't wait for Christmas
 so my son can open it! He is going to flip out. 
I'm very impressed with this order! :)

The only problem we have with this book is that he's almost done with it. 
He's always eager to share/show what he's done. 
And it's good fun to sit down with him and work on it, 
but the best part is he picks it up and entertains himself with it
 - peace and quiet to get diner completed laundry done, etc - 
since we don't have a TV this is worth it's weight in gold! 
And no guilt as I feel like he's learning...

It's a great stocking stuffer--
if you happen to have large
book-sized stockings!

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