Monday, February 10, 2014


right now!


There's so much amazing stuff
on the 
KND Tumblr feed!


DCFDTL Sooper Fan said...

Oh geeze I saw that in the tag! So much win o-o It reminds me to get a DCFDTL cosplay group together someday, perhaps I can persuade my siblings...ouo

Numbuh 714 said...

That is so amazingly amazing. Kids Next Door Rule, sir.

Unknown said...

Thethird picture,I just think they are dolls. But it is really really amazing.They are different of the cosplay with different cosplay costumes.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Warburton! This comment might be a little bit late but my friend just found this on google and it linked to your blog. Just wanted to say that it is such an honor to have my group's cosplay be featured on your blog. It means alot to us and I have no idea what else to say but KIDS NEXT DOOR RULES! (I'm also the numbuh 4 of the group xD)

Oh man i'm literally bouncing with excitement right now this is so awesome.

Unknown said...

So our number 4 pretty much just shared this with the whole group. we are pretty much high now aha. Thank you so much its like so much honour and like the best thing that could happen to a cosplayed! ///

/I honestly don't know how to feel, but i think i have ascended in to heaven. <<:

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Warburton! im the numbuh 3 of the group, thanks numbuh 4 for sharing this awesome phenomenon.
Man to think our cosplay would be featured by none other than Mr Warburton himself! and even titled as the "BEST KND COSPLAY EVUH!" its a dream come true!
My group and i are over the moon that you like our cosplay ^^
thank you so much, KND was seriously a huge part of our childhood.
also, stop the G:KND!

Ghoulizart said...

Hello Mr Warburton, I am Ghoulizart on Twitter and I am currently in cosplay for Numbuh 1, although I am not wearing a bald cap and its my crazy curly blonde hair! I unintentionally dressed up as Numbuh 1 without realizing I walked out of the door! I had several people tell me I look like Numbuh 1 and that's when I looked at my clothes. Anyways thank you if you read this and I still support you as an artist and as my hero.