Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I really like
Brazillian artist
Gabriel Picolo's

I especially his
reimagining of animated characters.
He's done a 
from all different networks and studios,
both, film and TV.

I especially love the ones
from Cartoon Network,
Fosters Hone For Imaginary Friends:

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Powerpuff Girls

Johnny Bravo

Dexter's Laboratory

Samurai Jack

Billy and Mandy

Codename: Kids Next Door

Here some info about his wok process from
his DeviantArt page:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sketch first or do you draw entirely with pens?
I always make a pencil sketch first. Only then I add ink.
What are the sizes of your notebook?
I draw on a 9X14 cm Moleskine, acid-free paper
What tools do you draw with?
I draw with pencils for sketch and Staedtler ink pens. I often use a white paint as corrector for the lines inside black spaces.
How are your blacks so even?
Firstly, I ink everything traditionally. I've been doing the coloring part digitally. After everything is done I increase contrast levels at Photoshop CS3.

For more awesomeness from 
Mr. Picolo
check out his gallery over

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