Monday, December 1, 2014

(part 1: the early years)

I've filled a lot of sketchbooks over the years.

No... those aren't ALL sketchbooks.
But the second from the bottom shelf is
packed solid with 'em.
And so's half of the top shelf.

And that's not even including all my 
sketchbooks from high school.
But I sank those deep into the Mariana Trench
so no one has to suffer looking through them.

half the fun of a 
sketchbook is
decorating the cover with
stickers and junk.

Sooper pal
believes that you should draw 
in your sketchbook first 
putting stickers on it.
But he's

Ya gotta put stickers on it

So here,
for your enjoyment,
are the covers from my
college days:

My aunt gave me a big packet of
military aircraft stickers,
many of which ended up on sketchbooks
over the years:

I worked at Video Magic for a couple summers
transferring Super 8 films to VHS:

Video Magic was next door to
an advertising agency.
I have no idea why I found it interesting
to put their sticker on a sketchbook:

Not sure where the cover to this one went,
but I used to send silly letters to companies 
and celebrities under the pseudonym
Frank Pierce.
Inspired by Don Novello's
I liked seeing what kind of responses I'd get to 
ridiculous questions and or accusations.
I don't remember what I sent to 
Oscar Meyer,
but they sent me free recipes:

Don't worry!
There are lots more sketchbook 
covers coming
in part two!

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