Monday, December 7, 2015

(for a week)

Life is cruel
to those abroad.

Because for thousands of years those 
outside of the United States have been deprived of access to 
the goodies available in the mighty

This is mainly because of the added madness of 
calculating and paying for postage to different countries, 
which makes the process a whole lot more time and labor intensive.
And our operatives have many more important battles to 
fight in this cruel, cruel world 
ruled by evil adult sooper villains.

But I've heard the

the complaints

the demands

and the

So tell you what...

Let's make
 international orders available
in the printlab.

As always,
there are some rules:

• Paypal is the only payment we can accept

• Postage is NOT included with your international order.
After you pay for your order,
you will be contacted regarding how much the postage will be.
(the average international order seems to be around $12...
but might be more or less)
 Once you paypal that amount to warbutonlabs,
we will ship your order.

• The printlab is not responsible for orders lost 
in the intenational postal system.  
Of course, we will try to remedy any problems, 
but we can not re-send orders that go missing.

• At this point, we cannot guarantee orders will 
make it in time for Christmas.

• This international experiment goes until 
December 14th, 2015.

the same rules regarding the free sketchcard apply:

• One free sketchcard per person/address

• One character per card

• You get what you get and you don't get upset


Unknown said...

Awesome news for operatives outside the US especially me. Does it have to be characters from Kids Next Door or can I request my own character in your style? :D

Mariana =] said...

ok, now I don't know if I ask for my friend to bring it along with him in the middle of 2016 or if I order directly and go with the risk of it never arriving but possibly arriving earlier than my friend. Anyway, I'm totally buying a print from you real soon :)