Monday, January 4, 2016

(most of)

Another year,
another big batch of sketch cards!
And I think it's a pretty good bunch.

I love doing these since it's a good opportunity 
to get my KND drawing chops back on point
and come up with fun things to do in a 
limited amount of space/time.

Plus, it makes a lot of 
KND fans 
sooper triple happy.

It's also interesting to see which 
operatives people ask for.
And as always,
there are a bunch I forgot to take pics of.

But there were a couple 
Galactic: KND 

And a
Number Four:

Number 362 always gets some love:

I really liked these
DCFDTL dual image thingies:

And look--
it's Joey Beetles!

I absolutely
that this one...

... inspired it's own comic by
sooper operative

Check out the rest of it over

I think this was the first year someone asked for
The Steve:

Number 518
from Sector C?!
Haven't seen her in ages!

And someone 
requests a
Pepper Ann
this time of
Nicky Little:

what the

Absolutely no one asked for
Numbuhs Two or Five!

Oh well...
Maybe next year.

Thanks to everyone that ordered from the
mighty printlab this time around!

1 comment:

Mariana =] said...

I thought asking for numbuh 5, but then I asked for the print which comes with a sketch of a sector V operative and decided that I didn't want to ask for two numbuh 5's sketches, I mean, there are so many other amazing characters and I could ask for any of them :P