Thursday, March 23, 2017


has always been a friend to
Codename: Kids Next Door.

(which is more than we can 
say for most adults, amiright?)

they're a friend to
cartoons and are always
out there spreading the word.

And lately they're
shouting about
on their
sooper fun

Take a little time and check it out,
why don't ya.

Totally made me smile.
Thanks, Frederator!
You guys 


Mariana =] said...

It showed up as recommended for me when it came out hehe. It was a good video.

buttonmasher525 said...

This video was great. I love the way they described the show, couldn't have said it better myself. Also the link for the KND fan forum on your blog is broken and the most recent forum is this one - - this is where the last remaining kids next door fans online are unless there is some other sooper secret forum that I don't know about.

Unknown said...

When will they return?
I'm still waiting for the return of G: KND since 2015
Because you torture me this way Mr. Warburton
I wait for signs of life or even a small story where number 4 is declared to number 3 haha ​​I love that couple!

Saludos desde México!

Dinh Hien said...

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