Wednesday, April 18, 2018


In case you haven't noticed,
I'm not posting here much.
It's all about the lunch bags these days.

But I'm still filling up 
(albeit slooooowly)

This one started 
August 5th, 2017
with a

And the title page
features my 
Les Paul
for no other reason
just because...

Here's the sketch that got it started:

And then there's the usual

voice actor
Eric Bauza
(voice of Fozzie)
needed to show that not only can do 
voices better than me...
he can 
better than me:

My son Parker drew this while we were out one day.
So I stole it.

I had Jenny Slate 
(the voice of Miss Nanny)
sign the book after recording some songs with
sooper Muppet Babies composer
Andy Bean

I love swiping post-it doodles from around the office and
sticking them in a sketchbook:

That's a sooper director Guy Moore
post-it down there:

This was the magnet on all the doors 
on the Social Media Moms Disney Cruise 
I presented Muppet Babies at.
If I still did blog posts,
that would have been an 

A good portion of this sketchbook is taken up with 
double-page drawings I did at the two 
Muppet Babies Writing Summits 
we hosted.
For two days we sat with a variety of awesome writers and 
brainstormed story ideas for Muppet Babies.

After the premiere of
Muppet Babies the crew went out for
food and drink so I passed the sketchbook around.
There's some 
Stan Ruiz,
Matt Danner,
Jina Noh,
and John Won
in there,
amongst others.

And then on 
April 11th, 2018 
this one was done:

And I'm off to the next sketchbook!

I hope you're still drawing in yours!


Anonymous said...

Can you show another member of Numbuh 1's G:KND sector????

Unknown said...

mr. warburton

Commence Operation:


I'm sure you get enough requests asking for KND stuff, but this one's an acronym!
That makes it more fun to read, right?

end transmission

Jels said...

Hey Tom :)
Love your work, now we all need your gknd sketchwork

Jonah said...

Plz Post Knd Opratives Character Sheets PLZ!!

Mariana =] said...

Hey awesome sketches, loved the holy macaroni one
The other guys' sketches are pretty great, really enjoyed guy moore's
Post sketches and post-its more often :)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warburton, sir, how are you? Just wondering if we could make some noise at any social media account (maybe twitter most likely) on the date the pilot episode was aired? Thanks. =)

Numbuh7107 said...

always love your work mr warburton!! Your creativity shows in everything you do and its so great to look at!! I miss knd all the time but glad you still give us little peeks into the stuff you do in your free time! Super cute!

Unknown said...

I Love kids next Door!!!! My favorite cartoon

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