Monday, May 20, 2019


Not much happens around this blog anymore.

Not as much happens in my sketchbook as I'd like, either.

I mean,
this latest tome of sketchiness took 
to complete!

Sure, I can make excuses that I'm sooper crazy busy on
Disney Junior's
and assorted other 

But come on.
I gotta fill these books quicker.

This one started 
April 16, 2018
and finished in a production meeting on
May 11, 2019.

As always,
the cover had a fun sticker mash-up:


The title page started kind of sharky:

While I'm doodling in meetings,
Super Director Guy Moore is usually peeking over my shoulder 
and drawing his own 
versions on my doodles.

For instance,
this is mine:

And this is his:
(along with some other awesome drawings)


And his:



This was a series of pages that started as vines
 that grew across the
next bunch of pages:

And once done,
up it went into the vault of old sketchbooks!

Now let's see if I can finish the next one in less than a year!


Huckleberry Handford said...

I like the chicken and the punching coffee

Mariana =] said...

Look who's back!
Nice drawings as always, I like the way you color them, come back more often :)

Divljp said...

Hello, Mr. Warburton.
My name is Attila Moln├ír (HUN). I'm just want to say, thank you for the K.N.D., and your adorable characters too.
My favorite is 86 ^_^

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Rose said...

It's nice to see your art

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