Friday, October 16, 2009


I've always loved Dan Krall's work but had only talked to him in fleeting bursts whilst meandering the halls of Cartoon Network Studios over the years. Although recently, via that handy Facebook thingie, we ended up chatting and promised to get together once I made the big move out to LA.

And lunch we did...

If you're not familiar with the guy, I'll wait here while you go check out his sketch blog. It's right over HERE.

Gorgeous, right?

Yeah... you've seen his background art as well as his character and production design on almost every show coming out of Cartoon Network Studios-- Dexter, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Fosters, Gym Partner, Chowder, etc etc etc. He was also primarily responsible for the early character design in the movie Coraline... something he and a lot of the other artists got NO credit for in the 'Art of' book.

And guess what? The first picture book he illustrated came out last May:

And of course it's beayooootiful. Go grab a copy of BEING A PIG IS NICE right now and see for yourself.

And you're not going to believe this... but I TOTALLY forgot to ask Dan to draw something in my sketchbook! I even forgot to insist he doodle something in the copy of his book he signed for me!

But don't worry, I'll get him next time!

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