Friday, October 16, 2009


I gotta say it's an honor to get noticed by the folks at The Horn Book Review. Check out what they had to say about 1000 TIMES NO:

"All right, Noah, dear. It's time to leave," a mom tells her toddler, who responds with "No"--in many fonts, employing many synonyms, and in many different foreign (and other, like robot) languages. The book, featuring cartoony art and a funny resolution, calls to mind Mo Willems's Pigeon series, from its single-minded protagonist to the punch lines found in facial expressions.

Oh, and look... there's that Mo Willems fellow...
hornin' in on MY book review AGAIN!
(get it? HORNIN' in... on my HORN book review?)
(Still... you know I love it!)

Meanwhile, over at Katie's Literature Lounge, Katie had this to say:

This book definitely does celebrate every toddler's favorite word - no! And a lot of times, when we hear this word, we think of misbehaving children... and sometimes, that just means (or leads to) a grouch... making it an appropriate book to share for National Grouch Day. However, I could see this book as a valuable teaching tool to introduce children to languages other than their own! Definitely a great book to have on the shelves!

But wait... Amanda over at Great Kids Reads wants to say something, too:

The baby is this book is just like any other baby. Sometimes, he just does not want to do things. And he is not afraid to say so. In fact, he says no in about a million different ways and languages. This book is very entertaining and informative (For example, Ugui means no in Mongolian) and the illustrations are cute and clean. I loved it.

And shouting from way out in New Zealand's Rodney Libraries comes this one:

A couple of titles which the kids will think are fantastically funny, but parents may be a little more reticent about reading to them are When Mommy was Little (Valerie Larrondo) and 1000 Times No (as told by Mr. Warburton). The titles give them away, just as the books themselves may give your children ideas (such as you not being the angel you want them to believe). But they are great fun nonetheless.

And lastly, it's ALWAYS nice to see your book up on the shelves of a store. Here's mine at SWAIN'S ART STORE here in LA:

Thanks to everyone for the awesome reviews!

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